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about our story

Biryani Singh had always been an idea, but was brought to fruition in 2017 in Chandigarh over a walk in the park, literally.

We are a Foodie Father-Daughter duo, with a passion for experimental and curated food experiences.

Jagmeet, an industry veteran and a foodie noticed a lack of quality food experiences that were a perfect marriage between Quality taste, affordable price and ergonomic packaging. Simrat with her education background in Architecture and Design also noticed a lack of personalised curated food experiences. Thus, the Father- Daughter duo decided the best way to fix this undesirable predicament was to design their own food box. Consequently in November 2017 Biryani Singh was born.

Bringing both their experiences to the table, Biryani Singh was thus started as a small scale trial project from home to test out and experiment with different recipes and tastes. From designing their own packaging to creating new recipes to calling every customer after an order for feedback, the co founders made sure that everything was taken into consideration. After receiving an overwhelming response in Chandigarh, it was then scaled up to larger scale operations spanning from Gourmet Catering to Online Sales and eventually to franchising. 

Starting small and growing.

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Our Founders

Jagmeet Singh

Jagmeet Singh is an F&B industry veteran with experience of over 20 years spanning from being a CMO of Hyderbad’s largest atta flour mill to running restaurant chains of brands such as Soya Express and Handi Chhadiyian di. Jagmeet is a big foodie with a passion for not only enjoying good food but also serving the best food experiences to others. He has a keen eye for detail and is up for experimentation with food. 

Our Founders

Simrat Mehta

A graduate of Architecture by Education from the University of Melbourne, and a  co-founder of 2 Start-ups, Biryani Singh and Simbal Studios, Simrat was introduced at an early age to design and entrepreneurship by being a witness to her dad’s own entrepreneurial journey. Whilst working at an Architectural Practice in Melbourne, Simrat has been working on growing Biryani Singh to a larger platform. With an eye for design and curation, Simrat’s experiences helped establish Biryani Singh’s brand identity. Apart from working, Simrat is a plant mom and an avid Game of Thrones geek. 

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